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Gatti Plumbing is proud to be the go-to plumber for homeowners in Rochester. We work hard to earn our reputation by providing the best customer care and most complete plumbing services available.

At Gatti Plumbing, we believe in delivering superior service from the moment you first contact us. Our plumbers enjoy their work, and it shows!

Common Home

Plumbing Repairs

We tell ourselves that the daily sounds of dripping faucets and leaking toilet tanks are easy to deal with later. Don’t ignore the symptoms of common plumbing issues until they become a late night phone call for emergency plumbing service.

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Clogged Toilets

Drains, Showers & Sinks

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems, and a long-term build up can turn into a serious issue. Clogged toilets, clogged showers or bathtubs, and clogged sinks are our specialty. Gatti Plumbing can fix the issue and help you determine if there is a bigger problem before you find yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency.


If you notice a sink or toilet draining slowly, hear unusual toilet noises or a faucet squeals and squeaks, don’t let the situation continue. You may have a toilet blockage or pipe damage in the making. Small leaks or slow-running faucets and fixtures can easily turn into major property damage–or plumbing emergencies.

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Sewage Backups

It’s our job to quickly determine the cause of a sewage backup in your home. A septic system or sewage backup could be caused by a tree root intrusion or a blockage.

If your septic or sewer lines become damaged, you could end up with a sewage backup problem that causes potentially dangerous germs to overflow into your tub, showers, and sinks.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can burst and become one of the most expensive disasters you can deal with. Just one burst pipe in a home running at 4-8 gallons a minute can do tens of thousands of dollars damage in a manner matter of minutes. Gatti Plumbing has pipe thawing equipment to restore flow to your much needed fixtures.

Call Gatti Plumbing before the damage is done.

Sewer Snaking Services

In many homes and businesses, the main sewer line can become clogged over time. Gatti Plumbing service technicians will come to your home or business with a truck stocked with multiple sized sewer snakes to perform almost any size job. We stock two snakes with four different size cables that can tackle a small drain all the way up to 6 inch drains. We also carry a rod runner for the larger, more stubborn plugged drains.

Sewer Jetter

A hydro jetter is a trailer mounted unit that contains scour jets which use an extreme amount of water pressure to flush drain lines. These units are very effective on lines with a heavy amount of grease build-up and are especially useful for restaurants and apartment complexes. The commercial sewer hydro jetter can be used on kitchen lines as well as the main line.

Water Line Service, Repairs, & Replacement

As your home gets older, so does the exterior water service line that brings fresh water to your house. Leaks and breaks are usually caused by aging of the pipe, corrosion, extreme temperatures, settling or shifting of the ground. Broken water mains have been known to flood homes and businesses with mud and cause streets to crumble. If this line fails, call Gatti Plumbing today to avoid larger and more costly problems.

Sewer Lateral Repair & Replacement

A sewer line backup or leak can be frustrating to deal with. Along with the unpleasant smell and messy cleanup of a compromised sewer pipe, it can be difficult to pinpoint the root cause of your sewage problem. Gatti Plumbing helps prevent sewer line damage and can mitigate an issue when it arises.

Abandoning Water Wells

Water wells that are improperly abandoned are always a serious liability. Therefore it is imperative to the safety and well being of a community that special care is given to properly seal abandoned water wells. When ground water becomes contaminated, it is very difficult to clean up and it is
a very expensive process. Call on Gatti Plumbing’s expertise to safely plug, seal and decommission your abandoned well.

Sewer & Pipe Camera Inspection

At Gatti Plumbing, we use advanced plumbing diagnostic equipment to examine your pipes from the inside out. This is the best and fastest method to inspect your system, locate the root cause of pipe blockages or leaks, and avoid impending problems. Gatti Plumbing’s robotic sewer televising service enables us to perform inspections of lateral lines from the mainline without the need for access to private property.

Home Plumbing

Installations & Upgrades

When you need new plumbing fixtures installed in your home, or if you are planning a plumbing upgrade, call Gatti Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers are familiar with the best installation practices for all major brands of residential plumbing equipment.

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Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Even slow and small faucet drips can send your water bill through the roof. Gatti Plumbing can upgrade your kitchen sink faucets to eliminate leaks, install your choice of faucet style and make working in your kitchen just a little more convenient for you and your family.

Bathroom Sinks,

Faucets & Toilets

Updating older or out-of-date bathroom fixtures can increase your property value and help avoid future damaging leaks, floods or breakdowns. New fixtures can also provide a nice style upgrade to your bathroom.

Tank Water Heaters

Hot water is essential in your showers, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines.  When you count on hot water to be there every time you need it, proper water heater installation is a must.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you are looking to have a new tankless water heater installed, Gatti Plumbing can help. We offer affordable tankless water heater installations to customers throughout Rochester and the surrounding areas. Our plumbers draw on decades of experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Garbage Disposals

Need to replace your faulty garbage disposal or install one in your home for the first time? Gatti Plumbing can do the job because we’re experts in all types of residential plumbing installation & upgrades.

Sump Pumps &

Water Powered Backups

A sump pump can keep your basement dry and free of mold, but it can malfunction or become overwhelmed. In the event your power goes out or your primary sump pump fails, a water powered backup pump is the key to peace of mind. Water powered backup pumps use municipal water pressure to remove water in your crock and keep your basement from flooding.

Backflow Prevention

Backflows can happen due to a sudden change in water pressure, causing contaminants to flow into your home’s (or the community’s) potable water supply. Gatti Plumbing professionals can inspect and install or repair your residential backflow system to meet state backflow prevention codes.

Hot Water Dispensers

Tired of waiting for water to heat for tea or cooking uses? Gatti Plumbing can install a hot water dispenser in your kitchen to offer the convenience of instant hot water whenever you need it.


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At Gatti Plumbing, our dedication to customer service and our experienced, well-trained plumbers set us apart from the average drain cleaning and plumbing service. If you have a plumbing need, we’ll get to your home or business quickly. For regularly scheduled maintenance installations and other routine appointments, we’ll work at a time that’s convenient for you. That’s why our distinctive service vans are seen so often in neighborhoods across Rochester…Just look for the big G!

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Kevin and Debbie W.Pittsford, New York

We wish Gatti did more than just plumbing, because anytime we call them, they treat us like fast and efficient work and they always give us options to consider for how to save money!

John P.Rochester, New York

Gatti Plumbing was very knowledgeable and courteous. They explained how the tankless water heater was going to work and called a few days later to see how we liked it. Very professional!

Reate B.Hilton, New York

Service technician was courteous and professional; he handled the installation in an efficient manner; we have had many plumbing issues handled by this dealer and are well pleased with how all have been addressed!

Cindy F.Rochester, New York

I've used Gatti Plumbing in the past and asked for a quote on a tankless heater. Their price was very good and the job exceeded my expectations. They are neat and courteous and they definitely have a customer for life!

Robert J.Penfield, New York

Competitively priced, prompt response, inhouse availability and courteous personnel.

Gary V.Rochester, New York

Gatti Plumbing did an excellent job. Pre-sale: Very thorough, prompt contact, handled multiple questions Install: Complete, professional installation Post-sale: Quick follow-up, answered more questions HIGHLY recommend!

John C.Hilton, New York

They are the best plumbers outside of my wives late father. I highly recommend them!

Pat C.Rochester, New York

Gatti Plumbing did a fantastic job with our Rinnai tankless water heater. They educated us on the equipment and did a wonderful job on the installation. I would recommend Gatti Plumbing to all of my family and friends!

Tim F.Rochester, New York

Price was fair. Follow-up was good. Work seems excellent. They were even able to come a few days than expected.

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