Plumbing Services - Residential and Commercial

  • Backflow testing

    - We have 4 N.Y.S. certified testers. We have 3 trucks fully stocked with Watts, Wilkins, and Flomatic RPZ repair kits ranging from ¾" to 2" when a common device fails, you're not paying someone to run around for a part.
  • Gas lines

    - We install gas lines to appliances, water heaters, pool heaters, unit heaters, gas grills, generators, and more!
  • Sewer Jetting

    - When a snake just won't cut it, we bring out the big guns. Our jetter uses 4000 PSI; water pressure at 16 gallons per minute to flush lines clean of grease, sand, roots, or anything else that may enter your storm or sanitary drains, and laterals.
  • Sewer Line Inspections

    - With 2 different size cameras, we can view and record footage from 2" to 12" piping. If we find a problem, we can use our locator to mark where and how deep the problem is.
  • Sewer Gas Problems

    - We have the latest equipment for sewer gas detection. Our smoke machine will identify all areas of sewer gas entry into your house or building.
  • Snakes

    - Our service trucks are equipped with augers and 3 different size snakes for any size job.
  • Sump Pumps

    - We provide and install both upright and submersible sump pumps.
  • Backup Pumps -

    If you are worried about walking into a basement full of water when your sump pump has failed due to a power outage, we have an ideal backup system for you. Water powered or battery powered backup pumps will help you sleep at night.
  • Thawing Frozen Lines

    - Our pipe thawing machines work on 3/8" to 2" lines, thawing pipes in a matter of minutes. We can then make recommendations on prevention techniques for the future.
  • Water Heaters

    - We stock over 50 A.O. Smith water heaters, from gas to electric, including power vented models. We have access to State, Rheem, Ruud, Lochnivar, including all other manufacturers as well.
  • Bathroom remodeling

    - We can take care of the just plumbing in your bathroom remodeling project, or we can oversee the entire job.
  • Grease Trap

    - We provide cleaning and enzyme treatment for grease traps as well as grease trap/oil separator installations.
  • Lot line cleanouts

    - Helps delineate point where customer's liability ends and Monroe County Pure Water's begins.
  • Sewer Line Connection

    - If you're on septic and have a municipal sewer that you can connect to, we can take care of it. We will run your sewer and make the connection, usually in less than a day. We can also provide lawn restoration.
  • Water Main/Service Breaks

    - We stock repair parts for water mains/services up to 10".
  • Water Service Renewals

  • Warranty is based upon type of service rendered

Additional Services

  1. Dishwasher Installation
  2. Faucet Replacement (kitchen, lavatory, tub and shower, laundry, outdoors)
  3. Garbage disposal replacement or installation
  4. Laundry pump replacement or installation
  5. Laundry tray replacement or installation
  6. Pressure regulator replacement or installation
  7. Sewage ejection pump replacement or installation
  8. Toilet replacement or installation
  9. Water line/ice-maker line installation

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